Message from the President

In taking up my post, I would like first to extend my gratitude to everyone who has supported our association over the years.

I was appointed President of the Japan Antibiotics Research Association (JARA) on 30 May, on the recommendation of the Board. I am very humbled and honored to join the list of distinguished presidents of this venerable institution, which marked its 70th anniversary last year. Since starting its extension and awareness-raising activities 70 years ago, including the development of penicillin and technology for producing it, and the promotion of basic and clinical research, the Association has played a pivotal role in building partnerships between industry, government and academia.

The Association now faces a challenging environment, with the threat of resistant bacteria and the stagnation of antimicrobial development.

Upholding the Association’s purpose of “delivering people from the threat of infectious diseases,” we remain committed to our mission of connecting the industrial, public and academic sectors to advance research and development on pharmaceutical products and their proper use for the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

We would appreciate your continued understanding and support for the Association’s activities.

June 2017

Satoshi Iwata
Japan Antibiotics Research Association (JARA)